5,600 year old tomb found in Egypt

At the ancient site of Hierakopolis, archaeologists have made an exciting discovery. The tomb of a mummified young man dating back 5,600 years, predating the First Dynasty.


The tomb was constructed before King Narmer, the founder of Egypt’s first dynasty who brought Upper and Lower Egypt together in the 31st century. The site was discovered Kom al-Ahmer region of the ancient city of Hierakopolis, which was the Kingdom of Upper Egypt.

The tomb is believed to belong to a young man, likely in his late teenage years, who died of unknown causes as of yet. It is thought that he was part of the nobility or royalty as much care was taken in his burial.


Apart from the mummy they found, the team also uncovered various artefacts such as ten ivory combs, knives, arrow heads, blades and an ivory statue of a bearded man.


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