Travelling through history – Globe Digger Diaries

So I’ve started a new venture alongside Unearthed called Globe Digger Diaries. It too is based on history and the wonderful world on archaeology, but from a travel perspective.

The essence of Globe Digger is travelling to historical places, from Stonehenge to Machu Picchu to lost underwater cities.


Everyone loves the urban tales, but this is not your typical travel site, this is a platform where people can tell their stories and experiences associated with the world of the past. Been on an exciting dig and found some epic artefacts? Write about it. Stayed with a nomadic family for a weekend? Write about it. Went on a Walkabout in Australia and saw some other worldly things? Write about it.

Travelling isn’t just about the best restaurants to eat at, or the best resort and hotels for a relaxing getaway, it’s about experiencing the world outside your world, and seeing how other people live whilst soaking about the jaw-dropping scenery around you.

So, this is what Globe Digger Diaries is all about. Feel free to visit and the Contribute page for details on how to get your story shared or send an email through to


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