Earliest trade document over donkey debt?

Well, who ever thought the oldest trade document would be over an Ass? Discovered recently in the Kultepe-Kanis-Karum trade colony in Turkey, the tablet has ancient writing describing a trade, which may be the world’s oldest. Continue reading


Roman temple discovered in Turkey

During the construction of a school in the Bartin’s Amasra disctrict in Turkey, workers uncovered a marble ground, pedestals and headers of a Roman-era temple. The school will be built in a different area as archaeologists begin unearthing this hidden temple.


Vishnu idol found in India

During the construction of a toilet in the Murshidabad District in Beldanga, India, workers uncovered a stone idol of the Hindu God, Vishnu. The idol is made from a metamorphic rock called chloride schist and is about 4.5 feet high and 2.7 feet wide. The idol is being dating to approximately the 15th century AD.