Fossilised Ichthyosaurs found in Chile

With climate change heating up the world and whatnot, glaciers are beginning to melt. Although this raises alarm bells for some, the treasures being uncovered from the retreating ice sheets is awesome, just like this prehistoric graveyard of Ichthyosaurs.


This discovery has put Chile on the map for prehistoric marine reptile fossils. Before this, only a few bones had been found here and there. Scientists found about 46 specimens of both young and old, even embryonic fossils. They were SO well preserved even their soft tissue was still intact, giving researchers loads of work to do to extract these fossils and analyse them.

The Ichthyosaur was a dolphin-like marine reptile which existed between 245 and 90 million years ago. This group is believed to have been wiped out by some extreme mudslides which preserved them so well, and the glacier kept them hidden for many many years till now.


A few months ago, the Ichthyosaur made headlines after a fossil was discovered of the animal being preserved in the moment of birth.


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