Mayan artefacts found in Guatemala

The Mayan have always interested me, so it’s exciting when new discoveries are made. A team of archaeologists working in Guatemala have found a council house and various artefacts dating back 700 years.


The council house would have been used by the Chakan Itza people who inhabited the area for religious, marriage and political reasons. Along with the house, the team also found sculptures of a parrot and reptiles which once adorned the halls of the house. Altars were decorated with turtle sculptures.



Another discovery was an incense burner with the head of Itzamma who was an ancient shaman deity to the Mayan Gods.

After the term ended for the leader of the council house, the Chakan Itza would destroy it and cover the house with dirt. Analysis has dated the house to AD 1300 to AD 1500.


In the 17th century, the Spanish would conquer most of Guatemala, but the descendants of the Chakan Itza people are still around today and the language is still spoken in certain areas.

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