Ancient erotic graffiti found on Aegean Island

They say that when someone is given a blank piece of paper and asked to draw something, the first thing that comes to mind is…well…a penis (to put it bluntly), and it would seem that this mindset goes way way back. Oh humans!

On the remote Aegean island of Astypalaia, archaeologist Dr Andreas Vlachopoulos found this rare instance of erotic graffiti carved into a rock. The phallic-like shapes gave away the naughty drawings straight away, and is believed to have been carved in the mid sixth century BC.

Erotic graffiti on Aegean island of Astypalaia

So who carved this explicit drawings? Hooligans? punks? vandals? Nope, this ragamuffins are believed to be two male lovers just expressing their love to the world by carving their “meat and potatoes” on this dolomite rock. Classic classical Greece!

Another similar carving was also found on the island below the inscription of the name Dion.

On The Guardian, Vlachopoulos says:

“They were what I would call triumphant inscriptions,” said the Princeton-trained professor who found them while introducing students to the ancient island world of the Aegean. “They claimed their own space in large letters that not only expressed sexual desire but talked about the act of sex itself,” he told the Guardian. “And that is very, very rare.”


One thought on “Ancient erotic graffiti found on Aegean Island

  1. Considering the infant morbidity rate of ancient times, it could possibly be that much of erotica was essential as a matter of human survival.
    Adding to that, there was also a life expectancy of only three or four decades, and this may, possibly explain hormonal timing in humans.
    A very different view could then be taken, as it could possibly be, a serious matter, where pro-creation was necessary.

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