Mosaic discovered in Roman synagogue

This is the third mosaic to be uncovered by excavators from the University of North Carolonia. Situated the lower Galilee, the mosaic in the Roman synagogue at Huqoq, is first to be found not resembling a biblical story.


The other two mosaics found so far are of Samson carrying the gate of Gaza on his shoulders, while the other depicts him with foxes. But this third mosaic has three registers, the first is an image of a dying bull filled with spears (a tad gory), along with a dying or dead soldier with a shield. All in all it sounds like a pretty depressing mosaic.

This second register conveys the picture of a man holding a scroll surrounded by a group of young men. Whatever was on that scroll seems to be very important.


The third register depicts a meeting between a bearded soldier and an elderly man. The soldier is leading a bull by the horns along with men and elephants. While the elderly man is accompanied by young men in traditional dress with sheathed swords.

It is believed that this meeting is between Alexander the Great and the Jewish High Priest way back when, as elephants are associated with the Greek army.


2 thoughts on “Mosaic discovered in Roman synagogue

    • Thanks for your comment! The synagogue is dated to the 5th century AD, so the mosaics can be roughly dated to around the same time.


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