Technology reveals the hidden archaeology of Stonehenge

Digital mapping is an extraordinary thing. Through the use of remote sensing techniques and geophysical surveys, archaeologists are seeing a whole new side to Stonehenge and its surroundings.

The findings include 17 ritual monuments never seen before by researchers. Along with these finds are various burial mounds along with a long barrow (a long timber building usually used for ritual practices on the dead), which dates to before the setting of Stonehenge.



A surprising discovery involved Durrington’s “Super Henge” – a massive stone structure with a 1.5km circumference. The digital mapping revealed previous posts before Superhenge was created, which may still be under the banks today.

Vincent Gaffney from the University of Birmingham states “This project has revealed that the area around Stonehenge is teeming with previously unseen archaeology and that the application of new technology can transform how archaeologists and the wider public understand one of the best-studied landscapes on Earth.”

The construction of Stonehenge has always been a mystery, although there have been astronomical theories, and guess what? Through the use of this digital mapping, massive pits were uncovered where some seem to form an astronomical alignment. That’s sure to get the conspiracies going.


Apart from that, other monuments dating to the Iron Age, Bronze Age and Roman periods have also been revealed.

Whatever the truth is about Stonehenge and its surroundings, through the use of technology, we’re now able to uncover more than we ever could. The digital map will give archaeologists a good understanding of the ancient area and also will allow them to uncovering previously unknown monument, and find out more about the past 11,000 years at Stonehenge.


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