Willendorf excavation yields 43,500 year old tools

Excavations at the Willendorf site in Austria have uncovered Aurignacian tools (indicative of modern humans) dating back 43,500 years.


This has opened new doors concerning the overlap in time between modern humans and neanderthals, which is longer than previously though. These tools are now the oldest modern human tools found in Europe.

The Willendorf site was made famous in 1908 by the discovery of the Venus of Willendorf which dated back 30,000 years. Modern humans and neanderthals likely endured quite a cool climate with steppe-like conditions due to the glacial changes.


Philip Nigst from Cambridge University says: “The remarkably early date of the finds shows that modern humans and Neanderthals overlapped for much longer than we thought and that modern humans coped well with a variety of climates”


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