Discoveries at Oregon Caves may be the oldest in northern America

Originally, the Clovis era was said to be the oldest evidence of human habitation in America. But now discoveries in a network of caves in Oregon are pointing to an earlier group who settled there, 1,000 years before the Clovis period.


The Paisley Caves were excavated to yield biological remains of prehistoric humans who entered the America’s towards the end of the last ice age. By the way in this instance, when they talk of biological remains, they mean faeces, human faeces to be exact, or coprolites which is a scientific way of saying it.

The archaeological team found approximately 200 samples and were radiocarbon dated to 14,300 years old, about 1,000 years earlier than the famed Clovis era.


The team also uncovered stone tools, mainly used for grinding of plants, animals bones and creating projectile points. Researchers believe the environment around these caves were vastly different during the first human contact, with grasslands and lakes with animals such as bison, camels and waterfowls.


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