Amphipolis tomb mosaic reveals abduction of Persephone

A few days ago we covered the uncovering of the beautiful mosaic in the Amphipolis tomb. Originally there was Hermes two horses and a man wearing a laurel wreath. But further excavation has revealed a third figure, that of Persephone.

Amphipolis-mosaic_10 (1)

If you’re not familiar with the mythological tale of Persephone, she was a beautiful woman who was the daughter of Zeus and the harvest goddess Demeter. Hidden from the other gods by her mother, she was sought after by Pluto (aka Hades) and dragged down to the Underworld to become his wife.

When Demeter searched the world for her, the harvest suffered causing hunger. Zeus forced Pluto to return Persephone to her home, which he did, but he tricked her by giving her pomegranate seeds to eat (food of the underworld), so she had to spend the winter months in the Underworld and the rest of the year above.


The mosaic clearly depicts the front runner being Hermes with his winged feet with Pluto abducting Persephone behind him.

Although the owner of the tomb is still unknown, archaeologists are fairly certain it is someone of great importance to the royal family of the time.


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