The encoded messages on the 9,500 year old wooden idol

Discovered in a peat bog in Siberia, a massive 9,500 year old wooden idol was discovered. As we know, those bogs preserve everything so well, and wood is no exception.


The Shigor idol was originally discovered in 1890, and stood 2.8 metres tall and appears to have several faces. New analysis on the tree type (being a large and from the rings has been aged to 159 years old) and the markings on the idol, have researchers suggesting that these are some kind of encryptions or ancient signs from ancient man.


The idol has a massive head at the top with sheets of wood making up its “body”. Using isotope analysis, researchers can understand more about the larch tree the idol was carved from, and the type of environment it once thrived in. These results will be available next year (2015) however.

Unfortunately some of the wooden parts are missing, but in 1914 Siberian archaeologist Vladimir Tolmachev drew a design of the idol with some unused parts. His drawings illustrate the secret faces that could be found in the wooden idol. Check it out below…


Researchers believe this idol once stood at 5.3 metres tool! That’s fricken huge! I mean how did they even manage to keep it upright I wonder. Anyhow, the current height it stands is 2.8 metres, which still makes it the tallest idol ever found.

It now stands in the Yekateringburg History Museum.



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