Skeleton found inside Amphipolis tomb

Woooohooo! Finally, human remains have been found inside the Amphipolis tomb in Greece. The tomb dating back to the time of Alexander the Great belonged to an evidently prominent figure, now it’s time to found out who…


The limestone tomb was found in the third chamber beneath the floor. Archaeologists dug down several metres to reach the tomb, which contained a wooden coffin inside its stone borders. The depth of the third chamber from the top of the dome to the floor is measured at 8.9 metres.


The coffin contained both bone and glass decoration inside and out, with the wooden coffin being secured with copper and iron nails.

The sex and age of the intact skeleton is yet to be determined, but it’s been taken to a lab for testing. Now we just sit and wait…


I wonder if they’ll find more skeletons inside the tomb, evidently there are more chambers to be explored.


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