Ancient Egyptian relief found in quarry

An ancient relief found in the Egyptian Gebel el Silsila quarry north of Aswan, is a rare depiction of two pharaonic deities dating back 2,500 years. Continue reading


Ancient handbook of spells deciphered

An ancient Egyptian handbook of spells has been deciphered for the first time by researchers. The book contains spells, remedies, potions and more, and provides information about ancient practitioners and their methods. Continue reading

11th Dynasty temple found in Egypt

A chapel built during the reign of King Metuhotep II has been discovered in city of Sohag along the Nile. The chapel was in honour of the god Osiris and dates back to the 11th dynasty. Archaeologists are trying to conserve the engravings on the walls, but damage has been done due to subterranean water.


Ancient Egyptian singer unearthed in Saqqara

The sarcophagus of Ta-Ekht, a singer in the sacred choir in the 18th century BC, has been found at the necropolis of Saqqara. Inside the wooden exterior lies a well preserved sarcophagus, along with beauty tools such as an eye-liner container, a spoon with a gazelle-shaped handle, beats and an amulet in the eye of horus symbol.