More on the caryatids found in Greece’s largest tomb

Remember the other day when I posted about the caryatids (female statues) in Greece’s largest tomb. Well, they revealed more of these lovely statues and released some pics. So without further ado, check them out… Continue reading


Copper crucifix discovered in Newfoundland

A small copper crucifix portraying the Virgin Mary and Christ Child has been found during an excavation in Newfoundland. The crucifix dates back the 17th century BC and is believed to have belonged to George Calvert, the first first Lord Baltimore in 1620. Evidence is suggesting that the crucifix may have been part of a rosary, as the surface had been worn down over time.


11th Dynasty temple found in Egypt

A chapel built during the reign of King Metuhotep II has been discovered in city of Sohag along the Nile. The chapel was in honour of the god Osiris and dates back to the 11th dynasty. Archaeologists are trying to conserve the engravings on the walls, but damage has been done due to subterranean water.