Creation Myth Friday: Zulu


In the beginning there was nothing but a giant seed. From this seed grew massive reeds called Uthlanga, meaning the source of all things. From there the first man, Unkulunkulu appeared.

When he grew too big, he broke off the reed. As he walked upon the earth, he saw more people (men and women) growing from the reeds. Unkulunkulu broke off men, women the medicine men and their dreams from the reeds.

He also broke off all the cattle, fish, birds and creatures of this earth. After this he made the lakes, streams, sky, mountain, rain, wind, sun and  the moon.

After this he taught the men and women of the earth how to hunt, make fire, corn and how to live in the world he created.

When he finished created everything, he sent a chameleon out into the world with the message that his people would never die. The slow chameleon was taking too long, and Unkulunkulu grew impatient. Instead he sent a lizard with the message of death. This fatal lizard arrived at the villages first, and brought death to the people short after. Since then death has never left mankind.


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