7,000 year old rock art discovered in Spain

Twelve prehistoric rock art paintings have been found in eastern Spain by a group of archaeologists. The paintings depicts hunting scenarios and different animals from 7,000 years ago. At the moment, the specific location of the rock art is being kept on the down-low, as cave paintings were recently vandalised.



Wari artefacts found in Peru

Little is know about the pre-Incan civilisation known as the Wari, which is why the discovery of some of their artefacts is a promising step in understanding this mysterious culture. From what archaeologists do know, the Wari culture thrived from AD 500 to AD 1000. More about the findings during excavations are expected to be announced in the next few weeks.


Ancient Egyptian singer unearthed in Saqqara

The sarcophagus of Ta-Ekht, a singer in the sacred choir in the 18th century BC, has been found at the necropolis of Saqqara. Inside the wooden exterior lies a well preserved sarcophagus, along with beauty tools such as an eye-liner container, a spoon with a gazelle-shaped handle, beats and an amulet in the eye of horus symbol.