Creation Myth Friday – Maori

Rangi and Pap

Paptuanuku and Ranginui

At the beginning there was nothing, no light, no dark, just an absence of all matter, an on-going void. The Maori’s called this Te Kore (nothingness).

From this Te Kore, two gods came into being, they were Ranginui (god of the sky) and Paptuanuku (goddess of the earth). They were locked into a strong embrace and from there they had six children, Tane (forest); Tangaroa (sea); Tu (war); Rongo (crops); Haumia (wild plants); Tawhiri (weather).

The children were very cramped, and Tane wanted to separate them. He cut off Ranginui’s arms thus dividing them between sky and earth.

Tu, the god of war, moulded man from red clay, and life was breathed into him. His name was Tiki. He made a wife called Hina, and together had a daughter – Tiaki. The myth is believed that everyone is a descendant of Tiaki.

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