Woolly Rhino skull discovered in UK

It’s rare to discover an intact Pleistocene animal skull, yet that’s just what happened in Cambridgeshire, where a digger driver came across a woolly Rhino skull, dating back at least 35,000 years ago.


The Woolly Rhino were quite the common bunch during the Ice Age, spanning across Europe and Asia. Not many whole skulls have been discovered so this is an impressive find.

The prehistoric Rhino’s lived approximately 75,000 years ago, and eventually went extinct around 35,000 years ago.

Jamie Jordan at Fossils Galore in Cambridgeshire Fens said: “The skull is about one metre long and we’re very lucky it came out nearly whole. It’s a very rare find so it’s going to take pride of place at the fossil centre.”

*If only we took as much care of modern rhinos as we do for their prehistoric counterparts remains. Just saying.


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